Short Male – Does Penis Size Matter?

My Thoughts on Male Penis Length and Girth

Does Penis Size Matter? YES! Men with small penises are losers.


My name is Lauren and I’ve created this blog to express my thoughts on men who still have small penis.

My boyfriend had this terrible issue too – his penis always was too small for me until I have convinced him to try innovative methods of non-surgical penis enlargement which have given him new hope and New Size in just a few months!

If you are a man with a short or thin penis – look around – you are just a looser! Nowadays everyone can afford having a penis of average or greater size and no expensive surgery is needed.

Even if your woman tells you that your penis size is OK, don’t listen to her – she’s just saying that to calm down your self esteem. Short penis sucks – that’s a proven fact.

Please read the articles in my blog to find out why.

Cheers, Lauren

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